Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Gymnastics (artistic)

Make your own bookcrossing bookplate. 
You can use a computer or draw it by hand.
An extra point will be awarded if you also make your design freely available for download by other BCers via the free labels forum thread or in one of the non-english language forums (if you hand draw yours, you can always scan it in)

Your bookplate does NOT need to be Olympics themed.

Remember not to use the Olympics Rings or any other official logos, as you don't want to infringe copyright. You can use our entirely awesome Olympic-Ballys Logo though, if you want to

Teams      Link to bookplate (where available)
Shire   bookplate 
Borderland bookplate
Yorkshire bookplate
Hessia  bookplate
Ruritania     bookplate
Vegania   bookplate
France     bookplate
Eisland     bookplate
Hildania    bookplate
Russia    bookplate  

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