Thursday, 25 April 2013

International Collaboration

The Book that visits the most countries (actual geographical countries) during the summer wins. You don't have to release the book in each country, just have it visit with you if you are going. But a chain of controlled (or wild....) releases would work too [Controlled releases allowed]

Team     Book     Countries Visited
Yorkshire  Collaboration Better Baking  13 
Hessia   Transit (7438 478) 12
Black Forest    Papa, was ist ein Fremder?  11 
Eisland  Für liebe Freunde   11
France  Le Tambour du bief 9
Hildania  The Book of Questions 9
Franken  Juli und das Monster
Valhalla  The Catcher in the Rye   8
Gondwana  Abécédaire d'un homme libre 6
Shire   Friends  6
Houyhnhnm  Houyhnhnm 4
Germany   Seven Yorkshire Tales  4
Zoologia   Der echte Liebermann    4
Nangijala Elefantungen  4
Borderland  Frieden ist möglich : d. Politik d. Bergpredigt  2

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