Saturday, 27 April 2013


Read and release the longest book. You must start the book after 1st June, finish reading it and release it before 31st August. The book with the longest page count wins

Team   Book    pages
Hildania   Krieg und Frieden  1532 pages
Shire   A Suitable Boy 1474 pages
Vegania  A Suitable Boy  1474 pages
Wales  A Suitable Boy 1458 pages
Phantasia  Die Säulen der Erde 1151
France  Les Jalna, Tome 1  1031 pages
Ankh-Morpork   Asha. Sohn von Malta.  1003
Germany  Die vierzig Tage des Musa Dagh 990
Hessia  Elfenmagie  976 pages
Eisland  111 erotische Bettgeschichten  976
Franken  Kushiel  939 
Nangijala  The Making of Americans 925 pages
Netherlands  Shopaholic Omnibus    922 pages
Ruritania  David Copperfield 877 pages
Gondwana  Waltenberg  807 pages
Zoologia   Der Hexer von Salem    770 pages
Russia    Queen   735 pages
Black Forest  Aprilgewitter 712
King's Forest  Hexenstunde 690 pages
Yorkshire Sovereign 661 pages
Borderland  Tintenherz  566 pages
Valhalla  Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

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  1. er ... phone books or catalogues don't count, or do they?