Thursday, 25 April 2013

Opening Ceremony

To celebrate the Opening Ceremony of the First Bookcrossing Olympics, each team is invited to make one free release during the first 24 hours of play. Play begins 00.01 GMT on the 1st June

Team             Book
Hildania      Der Monsun hielt den Atem an
Black Forest   Little Lord Fauntleroy
Houyhnhnm    Win, Lose or Die
Yorkshire     King by Right of Blood and Might
Russia      Vijf vadem diep
Valhalla     Iskällaren
Phantasia     Tränen des Mondes
Ankh-Morpork     Das letzte Signal.
Borderland     Die olympischen Spiele
Twente       Moordcommando
Kazemachi    坂道のアポロン
Eisland     Rückkehr nach Southend
Zoologia      Wolfsfährte
Germany     Nationalhymen
Nangijala    Good at Games
Franken      Olympisches Feuer
Shire           Wo bitte geht's zum Glück?
Wales         Starter For Ten
Hessia      Kinder zum Olymp!
Gondwana      Asterix aux Jeux Olympiques

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