Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Bookcrossing Olympics

Welcome to the First Unofficial Bookcrossing Olympics
Let's have some releasing fun over the summer :)
This release game is basically a series of mini-challenges for you to take part in, themed around the various Olympic events. But rest assured, you don't have to be a sports fan to play (I certainly am not!), there are lots of different ideas for you to pick and choose from.
The events will run the length of the summer, until the end of august. You can complete any event at any time during the summer – you are welcome to do all the events, or just one.
You can play as a team (of up to 3 players) if you choose to – each team (even the teams of just one player) will choose a country to represent

The Bookcrossing Olympics is all about making the best releases you can, even if you have limited resources. Even if you only make one release, that's cool... and if you're lucky enough to have mountains of books to release from that's cool too - but either way take you're time to think of how to best do it - go that extra mile in finding a great release spot, ensuring the book is extra eye-catching with stickers or post-its, and making it exciting to find!

Got questions? Sure ya do! There are more details here, or just ask
Wanna Join? Yhea you do!! PM Vekiki or post in the forum thread
Here are some useful links to help you find your way around:

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