Saturday, 27 April 2013

Artistic Events

These are themed release ideas – release a book in honour of your favourite animal, or release a book floating on water. Some may be tough, but you can be creative in how you interpret the challenge!

There are also Artistic Decathlon points available if you take part in artistic events

Remember  to post in the forums AND PM Vekiki when you've made the release

Artistic Events (click on the link for more details on each event):
Archery aim at another olympics team with a themed release
Badminton cheat! 
BMX be a daredevil 
Canoe (slalom) OBCZ release
Canoe (sprints) a needed release 
Equestrian Dressage decorated release  
Equestrian Eventing animal themed release
Fencing  decisive release 
Gymnastics (rhythmic)  midnight release
Hammer release near your home
Judo fight another olympics player with a themed release
Rope Climbing a you-themed release 
Rowing release someone else's book
Swimming floating release
Synchronised Swimming simultaneous releases 
Trampolining hard to reach release 
Tumbling read & release a new authour
Volleyball (beach) sandy release
Volleyball (indoor) theme a release to your country 
Water Polo release at a new location

Artistic Decathlon take part in 10 artistic events 

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