Saturday, 27 April 2013


Tumble up your reading habits - read and release a new-to-you author. You must start to read the book after June 1st, finish it and wild release it. The author of the book must be someone  whose work you have never read before

Team    Book
Franken  Tausend Kraniche
Hessia  Kream Korner
Nangijala  An Aussie Christmas Carol
France  Cyanure
Black Forest  Paris, ein Fest fürs Leben
Borderland  Agnes 
Ankh-Morpork   Schwertgesang  
Shire  Oskar und die Dame in Rosa
Poland   In the Forest
Wales  Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
Hildania  Todeszeichen 
Eisland   Ortsgespräch
Gondwana     Des yeux pour voir

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