Saturday, 27 April 2013


Football (at least in the UK) draws HUGE crowds. In honour of this, release a massive crowd of books. The most books released in one location wins.
For the purpose of points; please choose one representative book from your mass release - this book will be the one for which catches, release, & sign-up points are allocated.

Team   One Book     # of books released
Eisland  Entrissen     375 (of 741)
Franken   Das Wettschiessen  320
Hildania   Die olympischen Spiele 1960  300
Germany   1:0 für coole Kicker  216
Hessia   Dickicht   218
Black Forest  Die Größten  120
Russia De kwetsbare getuige 83
Valhalla  Den blinde mördaren 55
Gondwana  La vie en cabane  51
Wales   Indie Craft  (circa) 40
Houyhnhnm  Nesuya's Basket 38
Borderland  Oskar und die Dame in Rosa  30
Nangijala  Senor Peregrino  30
Phantasia  Bittersüsse Sehnsucht  30
Kazemachi    10人兄妹貧乏アイドル☆ 私、イケナイ少女だったんでしょうか?    20
Zoologia  Spuren am Tatort  24
Yorkshire  Rachel's Holiday 11
Shire  Great Expectations 11

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