Saturday, 27 April 2013

Cycling (Road)

Woooooooooo Downhill Freewheel! The book which has gone un-caught for the longest time wins! The book does NOT have to have been released during the game, and must NOT have been caught before the end of the summer.... the book which has been wild and free for the longest time wins.

Team     Book     date released
Phantasia  Fremde Gäste 13 Jan 2003
France     Schöne Ferien!     May 15th 2003

Franken    Der Liebeswunsch 13th Sept 2003
Borderland   Exponential Drift Oct 2nd 2003 
Black Forest   Schöne neue Welt   18th Dec 2003  
Houyhnhnm      Freedom's Ransom     May 18th 2005
Vegania  Amour fou  May 22nd 2005
Yorkshire     City Woman     June 21st 2005
Nangijala  Eldens Hemlighet  Jan 27th 2006
Gondwana      De l'art d'ennuyer en racontant ses voyages   Feb 18th 2006
Shire   Der weiße Knochen  Oct 22nd 2006
Valhalla  Tisdagarna med Morrie  16th Feb 2007
Zoologia  Der Erdbeerpflücker March 28th 2007
Hessia     Weil ich gern lese     Aug 24th 2007
Ankh-Morpork  Bekenntnisse des Hochstaplers Felix Krull  July 7th 2007
Russia    De storm van de eeuw     Feb 11th 2009
Ruritania      King Lear      April 26th 2010
Hildania   Felidae 9th Jan2011
Germany     Die Tuer mit den 7 Schloessern     Jan 12th 2012
Eisland  Im Schatten der Olivenbäume 2nd Sept 2012
Poland  Służące  April 13th 2013

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