Saturday, 27 April 2013


Hand off a book at super speed - the games fastest catch from wild release wins! 
The book must have been submitted for another event (competitive, artists or challenge) to be considered for this event, each team may nominate one of their wild releases to be considered. The book with the shortest time between wild release and catch wins.

Team    Book    Time Taken
Shire  Zeit zu sterben  immediately - less than a second
Nangijala  Kurtby 15.37 seconds
Hildania  Zeit ist ein Geschenk   less than 1 minute

Hessia   Die letzte Schlacht der Orks   less than 3 minutes
Ankh-Morpork  Loriots heile Welt less than 5 minutes
Eisland     Kann ich den umtauschen?     less than 2 Hours
Germany   Gletschertheater  3 hours
Borderland  Sterne im Sand  12 hours
Valhalla  Priset på vatten i Finistère 1 day
Phantasia   Also sprach Zarathustra 3 days
Yorkshire  Dora Goes for a Ride
Franken   In einem Schloß zu wohnen.
Poland  Love Over Scotland 

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