Saturday, 27 April 2013

Long Jump

The book that ends the summer the furthest from it's start point wins.
The start point is deemed to be the books location on 1st June (the book does not need to be registered on June 1st) – the end point is deemed to be the books location on 31st August. The winner will be the book for which these two points are the furthest away from each other
(Distances calculated with How Far Is It Between?)

Team     Book     Start Point -->. End Point   (Distance covered)
Shire   The Best Spanish Recipes
   Madrid, Spain --> hastings, New zealand  (19920.000 km)
France    Bordeaux Visitors Guide    
      Bordeaux , France  --> Christchurch, New Zealand (19450.000 km)
Russia    Bel Canto (2)
      Friesland, Netherlands --> Invercargill, New Zealand  (19120.000 km)
Gondwana   The Pigeon Project
      Vitry-sur-seine, France --> Invercargill, New Zealand  (18930.000 km)
Yorkshire  Missing Persons
      Kent, UK ---> Howick, New Zealand (18320.000 km)
Hildania     Unterwegs notiert - Reiseberichte aus aller Welt
  Hilden, Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany ---> Invercargill, New Zealand  (18560.000 km)
Hessia    Nights of Rain and Stars
     Heusenstamm, Germany --> Wellington, New Zealand (18560.000 km)
Twente  To the Ends of the Earth
   Isle of Harris --> Wellington, New Zealand  (18160.000 km)
Eisland   Ausweitung der Kampfzone
       Solingen, germany --> Lavington, Sydney (16540.000 km)
Black Forest   The Ruins of California
    Baden-Württemberg Germany  --> Stawell, Victoria (16080.000 km)
Nangijala   The Cybergypsies
     Oskarshamn, Sweden ---> Sydney, Australia   (15760.000)
Franken   Perfume
      Nurnberg, Bayern Germany --> Fremantle, Australia   (13660.000 km)
 Germany  Love Story
    Bayern, germany --> Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina (13530.000 km)

Valhalla   Just in Case
     Linköping, Östergötland Sweden --> Fresco, California USA (8892.000 km)
Phantasia    Enkop Ai
     wuppertal, germany --> Johannesburg, South Africa  (8853.000 km)
Houyhnhnm  Mysterious West
     Salt lake City, USA ---> Linköping, Östergötland Sweden (7969.000 km)
Vegania  The Marriage Plot
    Zurich, Switzerland --> Larnaka Airport, Cyprus (2470.000 km) Borderland   Tannöd
     Meerbeck, Germany --> Helsinki Finland  (1301.000 km)
Poland   The Wind in the Willows
      Płock, Poland --> Split, Croatia (1033.000 km)
Wales    The Road
      Essex, United Kingdom ---> Arnhem, Netherlands (260.417 km)
Ruritania  Mary Poppins
     Woking, UK --> Newcastle, UK (256.688 km)
 Zoologia  The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner
    gone missing on route to New Zealand..... ??? km


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