Thursday, 25 April 2013


Now, of course, the taking part is the most important bit, but in the Olympics there are winners too :) 

This will vary for some of the events, but in most cases your team can earn points by...
- a point for every book released (including controlled releases in events where that's applicable). In events that don't involve releasing a book, you will get a point for participating when you enter instead :)
- a point per catch from a wild release
- a point per AF sign up following a wild release
- a point per re-release after wild release 
- a point per competitive event win
- a point per catch of another team's wild release of an Olympics book

In the Olympics, points do not mean prizes - we are playing for fun, for the love of bookcrossing - the best prize is a great summer releasing and the chance to take inspiration from each other. But an overall winner will be declared at the end of the tournament and you will get to be the envy of all :) 

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