Thursday, 25 April 2013

Competitive events

As the name suggests, these will have a competition involved – who can release the heaviest book? Or find the highest spot to release in? We will declare a winner for each challenge at the end of the summer - one point will be awarded for winning each event

Remember  to post in the forums AND PM Vekiki when you've made the release

Competitive events:
Cycling (road) longest uncaught book 
Cycling (track) most catches, with a return 
Discus longest shelved
Diving lowest release
Football biggest mass release 
Handball fastest catch 
High Jump highest release 
Hockey coldest release 
Hurdles most challenges participated in 
International Collaboration most countries visited 
Javelin thinnest book
Long Jump furthest from home 
Marathon longest book 
Relay most journalled
Rugby quickest registered and released
Sailing furthest from land 
Shooting fastest release
Sprinting oldest book 
Table Tennis smallest book
Taekwondo hottest release
Triple Jump fastest 3 catches and release
Weightlifting heaviest book
Wrestling (Greco-Roman) nearest to the home of the olympics

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