Thursday, 25 April 2013


You (or your team) do not have to do all the events; just pick and choose those that sound fun to you

To enter a release for an event, post it in the forums AND PM it to Vekiki.

Unless otherwise specified, you can make one release per event... and have one event per release (so, you can only enter each event once by releasing a book. And each book can only be entered to one event)

Unless otherwise specified, all events are wild release, and controlled releases will not count.

For all events (and especially the artistic events), you are encouraged to be creative with your interpretation of the event prompts. Think outside the box, and take your time to set up some awesome original releases – don't worry that your take on the event 'won't count' - if you can explain how the release fits the challenge then that's a good enough for us! Always Always go that extra mile to make the books exciting to find and inspiring for other players to read about.
There are three kinds of events:
- Competitive events
as the name suggests, these will have a competition involved – who can release the heaviest book? Or find the highest spot to release in? We will declare a winner for each of these events at the end of the summer

- Artistic events
these are themed release ideas – release a book in honour of your favourite animal, or release a book floating on water. Some may be tough, but you can be creative in how you interpret the challenge!

- Challenge events
These are activities to take part in, they mostly don't involve wild releasing a book, instead, they are a range of projects – join in with a bookray, go book hunting, or design some bookplates.

All the Events:
* Competitive
Cycling (road)      Cycling (track)      Discus      Diving      Football      Greco-Roman Wrestling     Handball      High Jump        Hockey       Hurdles      International Collaboration      Javelin      Long Jump      Marathon      Relay      Rugby      Sailing      Shooting      Sprinting      Table Tennis      Taekwondo      Triple Jump      Weightlifting

* Artistsic
Artistic Decathlon
Archery      Badminton      BMX      Canoe (slalom)      Canoe (sprints)      Equestrian Dressage        Equestrian Eventing      Fencing      Gymnastics (rhythmic       Hammer      Judo      Rope Climbing      Rowing       Swimming      Synchronised Swimming      Trampolining      Tumbling      Volleyball (beach)       Volleyball (indoor)       Water Polo

Challenge Pentathlon    
Boxing       Equestrian Show Jumping      Gymnastics (artistic)           Mountain Biking      Pole Vault      Shot Put      Tennis      Wrestling (freestyle)

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