Thursday, 25 April 2013


If you choose to, you can play in a team of up to 3 people. You are invited to put together your own team, or post in the forum saying that you would like team mates so that people know you're looking. If you prefer, you can PM me and I'll do my best to get a team together for you.
Of course, if you would rather just play by your self that is fine too – we will all be cheering each other along in the forums so you will still have lots of support and company.

Every team – even teams of just one player – should choose a country they wish to represent for the Olympics; this can be a real or fictional country. It doesn't have to be where you currently live or where you are from... and only one team can represent each country (so, for example, we cannot have two Team Mauritanias), first come first served.

If you choose to play in a team of two or three players, you can decide between you who releases books for which events. There is only one entry per team per event. You are encouraged to swap email addresses to share ideas, inspire each other and of course plot tactics ;)

You can join the Olympics at any point during the summer – either by forming your own team (of 1,2, or 3 players) or joining in with a pre-existing one. 

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When you have your team, please post in the forums with who the players are, and what country you will represent. Please also PM Vekiki so she can include you in the game blog!

List of all Teams  (current score in brackets);
Nangijala  (90)
Eisland  (83)
Shire  (81)
Hildania (76)
Yorkshire (72)
Vegania  (69)
Hessia (67)
Franken (62)     France (62)
Valhalla  (65)

Gondwana (64)

Borderland (63)
Germany  (58)
Black Forest (56)
Phantasia (55)
Zoologia (42)
Ankh-Morpork (41)     Wales  (41)      Russia  (41)

Ruritania (38)

Poland (25)
Netherlands (21)
Houyhnhnm  (19)
Twente  (13)
Kazemachi  (10)

King's Forest  (4)
Alphabet Country (2)    Wonderland  (2)
IJburg (1)
Turks & Caicos

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